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Carbon Copy

Game Designer/Programmer

Carbon Copy is an active VR game about a crazy pose-striking game show. It was developed in Unity for the HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

  • Programmed a dynamic animation rig measurement system so gameplay tailors itself to players of all sizes

  • Exhibited demo at two local conventions for testing and feedback

    • OrlandoiX 2017​

    • Otronicon 2018

  • Recorded trial statistics for each tester to compare in Excel and evaluate which poses are too easy or too hard

  • Received interest and development hardware from Microsoft to port to their Mixed Reality devices

  • Managing tasks through JIRA

  • Documenting development processes in Confluence

Initial prototype on Global Game Jam Website

Vaults & Viewers

Game Designer/Programmer

Vaults & Viewers was a prototype love letter to pen and paper RPGs combined with the player base of streaming communities. The experience was developed in Unity for Twitch Extensions (video overlay).

  • Idea was born out of trying to solve the problem of schedule conflicts with my D&D group

    • Twitch viewers can join the game, create a character, and interact with the broadcasted game as part of a larger party​

  • Programmed main game in Unity

    • Randomized OR hand-built dungeons​

    • "Action-gauge"-based combat

    • Dialogue choices

    • Custom characters (stats/races/classes/equipment/inventory)

    • Google Spreadsheet integration to organize data then export to game as templates

  • Established nodeJS backend server using AWS

  • Built character sheet through frontend Twitch Extension (HTML/Javascript)

Jello Expando

Game Designer/Programmer

Jello Expando is a teamwork-based game where you have to feed the gelatinous monster specific items from a dungeon. It was developed in Unity and is meant to be broadcast on Twitch and controlled via chat commands (IRC).

  • Created for the Procedural Generation Jam 2016

  • Programmed IRC chat connection between Unity and Twitch channel

  • Extracted emotes from Twitch's API so players could see them translate from chat to the game

  • Developed a tiny procedurally generated dungeon map with navmesh pathing

My favorite part of making this game was broadcasting it and hanging out with other people who would drop in and chat while trying to get high scores.

Cult Conner

Game Designer

Cult Conner is a cross between "hot potato" and "rock paper scissors." Rounds speed up and when the magic passes to you, you must choose the right chant. This game was developed in Unity for PC.

  • Developed during the Global Game Jam 2016

  • Brainstormed the game concept with a group of designers, artists, and programmers

  • Scripted user interface in C# (menus, round markers, button inputs, and reference sheet)

Cult Conner on Global Game Jam Website

Martian Mascot 4-man Button Jam

Game Designer

Martian Mascot 4-man Button Jam is a silly co-op experience where 4 people, each in control of one thruster, are trying to get a robot to the finish line. It was developed in Unity for PC and then later I added a Twitch chat command component to allow it to be played via broadcast.

  • Created for the Global Game Jam 2015

  • Collaborated with artists and other designers to come up with the concept

  • Scripted user interface in C# (menus, credits, thrust meters, portrait collision shaking on collision)

  • Programmed Twitch chat (IRC) integration so the game could be played by a larger audience

Martian Mascot on Global Game Jam Website

Final Flap VII

Game Designer/Programmer

Final Flap VII is a Flappy Bird clone made in Unity.

  • Built for the Flappy Jam in 2014

  • Programmed a quick Flappy Bird clone with LIMIT BREAKS

  • Composed a short looping soundtrack reminiscent of the game that inspired the theme

Burning of Time


Burning of Time is an obstacle avoidance game made in Unity.

  • Produced for the Cyberpunk Jam in 2014

  • Programmed gameplay mechanics as they were designed by a friend

Memory Game

Game Designer/Programmer

Memory Game is an untitled card matching game developed with Unity.

  • Constructed for my niece and nephew's Christmas gift in 2013

  • Photoshopped around 50 cards to randomly be put into the game

  • Programmed simple card matching mechanics

The Saga Saga

Game Designer/Programmer

The Saga Saga is an "Oregon Trail"-like game developed in Unity.

  • Made offsite during Global Game Jam 2014

  • Inspired by the Banner Saga and their legal battle over the use of "Saga" in their game title

  • Co-designed game idea and mechanics

  • Programmed gameplay and UI (old Unity UI system)

Space Skullduggery

Game Designer/Programmer

Space Skullduggery is a competitive side-scrolling shooter where you're trying to collect crates while hindering the other players. It was created in Flash.

  • Developed for the Chain Jam in 2013

    • Chain Jam was a game jam where every game that was developed was required to hook into an SDK so they could all be strung together as one big game (scores accumulated across multiple games)​

  • Programmed gameplay in Flash Actionscript

Thanks to the Copenhagen Game Collective for running the game jam!

Serprers Berthder

Game Designer/Programmer

Serprers Berthder (gibberish for "Surprise Birthday") is a sound controlled accuracy game where you have to make noises at certain volumes in specific situations. It was built in Flash.

  • Created for the #1GAMCRUNCH Jam in 2013

  • Programmed microphone audio input gameplay

  • Won first place in the competition and received a souvenir t-shirt!

Angry Turds


Angry Turds is an Angry Birds clone designed by my niece and developed by me. The game was made in Flash.

  • Asked my niece, during Thanksgiving, what she wanted for Christmas in 2012 and I received this design

  • Programmed gameplay in Flash Actionscript using Box2D for physics simulation

  • Delivered game right on time, shipped via e-mail link on Christmas Eve

The following are a couple of my school projects:

Sultans of Scratch

Game Designer

Sultans of Scratch is a music/rhythm game where a DJ and dancer play cooperatively. It was built in Gamebryo by a team of students for their capstone project.

  • Collaborated on a team of designers to prototype mechanics and control methods for the physical DJ controller that we were going to have built for the game

  • Worked with animators to design an animation flowchart for all the potential blending in the game

  • Exhibited the game at Siggraph in 2009


Lead Designer

Energize is a resource management simulation where the player is encouraged to learn about renewable sources of energy. It was created in Flash.

  • Wrote design document for the inital concepts of the game

  • Met with Orlando Science Center representatives to make sure the project direction was meeting their standards and that educational information on energy sources was accurate.

  • Won Best Student Game at the I/ITSEC 2010 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge

Article on Energize

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